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Why Success is About Action

March 16, 2017



Do you know the definition of "success"?


I wish you sit down in front of me, right now and give me the answer.


Your answer is valid, but socially we have a different concept of success.

Being successful most people relate to being a millionaire or be public figure.

Another concept could be to do something great in your life and became a legend.


I define success as a stage in your life, to reach a point, where you won something and this achievement, could be an award, a medal or recognition, but that is not necessarily the success definition for me to teach you.


You can have a lot of money in your bank, and look successful to the rest of society.

You can be an Olympic winner, and appear on sports magazines.

You can be an Oscar winner, and get better pay and great offers.

But for me is this, what about the real success.


Success is when you reach happiness.

Yes!!! now you ask me: "Why an Accountant talks about happiness"? or I have to talk about the best business planning or financial consulting to be successful in your business?!


Guess what? The point is to be successful, start with you in your personal life.

Start within, not outside. You cannot be success in your business, if you do not know yourself, your skills, your talents, and your personal goals to reach better economic life.


There is a point in your life, where may be you are rich or your family was rich, but you get from them or just was a simple regular job with a great salary.


Success come when you are ready to take that opportunity that you have been waiting for all your life, and this price has not value in money.

When you are really happy, and know who you really are, you automatically dedicate time to work in your unique life, in something you love, and then the money come by itself.


So, if you are successful? Ask this questions:

-Am I a business person, who is really successful?

-or am I a person business, who really works?

-or am I a person, who really loves the job as a hobby?

and the last, Do I do what I love, and never work?, because my success is doing what I enjoy the most while making money, so am I a successful person in business?


Remember, take care of your time and define the value of your life.

And always, ask an expert,  count on me.


Marcela Cañal



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