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Haz Taxes & Accounting
1000 Parkwood Circle SE
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Atlanta, GA 30339
​​Tel: 678-784-4063


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Tax Returns

While doing your own tax returns may seem like a great way to save a little money, it frequently ends up costing you a lot of money in the long run. An unskilled tax accountant can overlook valuable credits and money-saving deductions that could lower your yearly tax bill or offer a substantial return. While tax software provides some help, there’s no substitute for the authentic experience of a qualified personal income tax professional when it comes to tax preparation.

At Haz Taxes & Accounting, we stay abreast of any changes in the tax laws and are continually looking for new ways to aid our clients to keep more money in their wallets instead of giving it to the IRS. Regardless if you’re an individual or you own a business, we possess the ability to prepare your taxes in obedience with all state and federal tax laws. We provide quick and efficient personal tax preparation of any type of tax return, such as multi-state taxes. To ensure your taxes are computed accurately, and you're not paying more than you need to, get in touch with us.

tax preparation

We provide top-quality individual income tax preparation and tax planning services with the intention of lowering tax obligations for our client. Our Atlanta tax accountants offer personalized tax services so you can be content and let us take care of getting you your biggest refund. Let’s be real: as a busy professional, you don’t have time to correctly do your own tax returns. You probably can spare about 30 minutes to try and prepare them, but how can you be sure you’re taking all the deductions you’re entitled to? You want to get the most money back on your tax return and not get audited by the IRS.

When it comes to personal tax services, no one does it better than Haz Taxes & Accounting. More Atlanta, GA professionals have been coming to us and for good reason. We provide exceptional, affordable personal income tax service that will increase your tax refund and reduce your tax bill.

tax accountants

Our highly trained and knowledgeable tax accountants can even assist you with an audit. As you can see, our staff is devoted to giving you topnotch tax service, regardless what your needs are.

At our firm, we are centered on offering you the best personal tax preparation experience, guaranteed to maximize your refund or reduce your tax liability. With our vast selection of tax & accounting services, we ensure in decrypting the difficulties of tax laws and aid you in better understanding what your tax bracket means and what your plan should be going forward. The workings of tax codes and income tax guidelines overall can be challenging to understand. We at Haz work to provide excellent tax service that means substantial advantages for you.

With our promise of accuracy and assistance, you can depend on us to partner with you while delivering personal income tax services that are unsurpassed in the industry. When you are ready to do your individual income taxes, give Haz Tax & Accounting a call.