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Haz Taxes & Accounting
1000 Parkwood Circle SE
Suite 900
Atlanta, GA 30339
​​Tel: 678-784-4063


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payroll for your business?

Looking for an Atlanta CPA to do the bookkeeping and payroll for your business? Haz Taxes & Accounting has been working with small and large companies in Atlanta, GA for ten years. We do many business accounting jobs that can be difficult for business owners to understand.

As a business owner in Atlanta, you have more critical things to do than to do your own books. We manage your books for you, so you can get back to the task of operating your business and increasing profits.

Our business accounting experts have been working with Atlanta, GA business owners for a long time, replying to financial problems, responding to tax questions and cash flow issues that can make or break your business.


Our services include:

Opening new business

• Business Set Up • Business Planning Training • Financial Coaching • Reconciliation • Financial Statements • Online Accounting access • Expense management


When it comes to paying employees, the IRS and laws have made doing payroll a time-consuming necessity for business owners.  Business owners spend around nine hours a month doing payroll. That equals a few days a year that could be spent producing sales, seeking new business opportunities, enhancing services or products, or taking care of customers.

At Haz, we focus our efforts on fulfilling the accounting requests of business owners. As a knowledgeable Atlanta, GA business accounting & payroll firm, we deliver the support you need to remain on top of your finances. We'll have your books organized and correct, provide helpful financial reports, and apply tax planning methods to reduce your tax burden.

When you partner with us, you'll get peace of mind realizing that your company’s finances are in competent hands. We care about the goals of each of our business clients and are consistently looking for unique ways to preserve resources, lessen tax obligations, and have your company running effortlessly. Our team makes time to learn all we can about the day-to-day function of your business, then we design accounting and payroll services around your specific needs.

We cater to Atlanta companies of all sizes in areas like Lenox Square, Atlanta Perimeter, and Buckhead. We know that it's hard to make certain decisions without correct financial information. While you concentrate on bringing your vision to fruition, we'll work to have your accounting functioning secure and ensure that your financial records are accurate and correct.


Our clients receive responsive and individualized service from devoted accounting professionals who will help you supervise your business and keep your finances up-to-par. We want you to feel good that your accounting system correctly indicates your current situation so you can focus on managing & running your business instead of attempting to stay on top of your books.

We offer a large variety of services to help you secure a sound financial future. In addition to our basic services, we provide customized services to address those who are in the non-profit and manufacturing industries. Our services are extensive. Contact us for a consultation of your business, tax, and accounting needs. Evaluate the difference between what you're currently doing and what Haz can do for you.

We provide numerous accounting services to help keep your company functioning effortlessly, such as bank reconciliations, payroll, balance sheet, audit trails, budgets, and financial graphs.

Our experts know that a lot of Atlanta businesses can’t afford a full-time accountant but still require the expertise. This is where we come in. 

If you are looking for a combination of individual expertise and services, we’ve got you covered. Our broad range of accounting and bookkeeping services are intended for executives, independent professionals, and business owners. You will find that the best part is that our rates are incredibly affordable. We are friendly and experienced.

Spend your time fostering your business and profits. Let us manage your recordkeeping, bookkeeping, and report filing. We can provide as many of the following services as you want:

  • Payroll/quarterly and annual payroll tax reports

  • Invoicing/collections/aging accounts receivables

  • Bank reconciliations

  • General ledgers.

  • Business tax filings and reports

  • Customized reports


We'll partner with you to recognize the services you need. Then we'll make a schedule, so data is recorded and collected timely and efficiently. Many of our clients actually save more than our services cost. Your in-house staff needs will diminish. Therefore, you will downgrade associated employee costs like employee benefits, payroll taxes, equipment/software/employee management costs, and training expenses. The best part is your accounting functions will be taken care of, so you can put your full focus on your company. Call us for a consultation when you need top professionals to manage your payroll and accounting needs.

Our objective is clear, and it is to offer exceptional services that contribute to you accomplishing your goals. We do so with standards of brilliance, the capability to work as a team, open communication, and the esteem we put on the effective contribution that each of us gives to you.

Our business accounting services are geared to deliver services at multiple levels.  Some clients like to keep it simple and give us canceled checks and bank statements to put the books together on a regular basis.  Other clients prefer to run all their accounting and payroll out of our office, from mailing checks to receiving payments, making deposits, using our address as their accounting office address, or paying bills. We aim to offer top quality, affordable solutions for you in a client-friendly, efficient, and professional manner. We work hard for integrity, accuracy, and excellence in the quality of our workmanship.